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Welcome to the Rare Movies Worldwide blog! This is the place where we’ll talk about these great rare movies that we love and collect. Each post will take a look at a different rare movie, and even show a few pics from it. Don’t worry though, no major spoilers will ever be revealed (especially endings) in these posts!

There’s something special about collecting rare movies. The thing is, whether it’s a theatrical film or a TV-movie, there certainly were a lot of movies made. Most people remember the “bigger titles” and even some of the smaller titles, but so many movies have seemingly slipped through the cracks into the chasm of the unknown. Unknown, that is, to mostly everyone but fans such as yourself who can appreciate those rare gems.

“Return To Macon County” is indeed a gem, trust.

In the 70’s and some of the 80’s is where most of us recall viewing a lot of films that have disappeared. Regular TV channels used to have those “late late shows” where we’d struggle to stay awake to catch what looked like a fun flick. Cable TV was a new thing we all loved, and we all caught so many cool movies on cable channels.

When VCRs started to sell and get popular in the late 70’s, the public needed movies to watch when they wanted, so many movies that are rare today actually did get early VHS releases way back in the day. That was over 30 years ago though – and unfortunately, with the fact that so many “mainstream” and “popular” movies get actual DVD and Blue Ray releases now, there is virtually no room for those hidden gems that are so numerous and so neglected.

Sometimes though, we’ll get lucky and there will be a collection of rarer movies put out, or a few scattered releases of films you thought would never get a proper release. But these are still so few when compared to the number of rare fun movies out there.

That’s where Rare Movies Worldwide comes in. Now of course, there have always been sellers of rare movies, first on VHS tape (yes, we did that too), and now on DVD, on DVD-Rs. These sellers have always served a good purpose, providing good entertainment and often giving a person that second chance to view a childhood favorite and relive those old memories.

Our thing here at Rare Movies Worldwide, is to supply the best price you’ll ever see. So many sellers sell movies at prices that range anywhere from $8 to $20 a movie, whether at their online store, a sci-fi/horror convention where dealers get tables, etc. But here, you can buy an 8-pack of movies for $19.99, for a cost of just $2.50 per movie. And the price even goes down more if you buy more. We feel that is the undisputed best price anywhere.

Why are the prices so low here? Simple. Rare Movies Worldwide simply believes in giving more bang for your buck. We try to give such a good deal that you’ll be a steady customer – and the truth is, the vast majority of Rare Movies Worldwide customers are repeat customers. And we really can’t thank you all enough for that.

Our customers are the main thing, always. Every single customer is valuable and means the world to us. Why? Because you are spending your valuable money here, so we better come through and give a great deal. We cannot stress enough how every customer is appreciated.

And in these blogs, we’ll all have some fun taking a look at some rare movies, and feel free to throw in your two cents anytime. And thank you very much for your time and business 🙂

Your Keeper of the Flame,


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